Stone Clock

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For many centuries, this ancient clock was left unattended. What would happen if you try to make it work again? Maybe you can try to simply swing the pendulum. What is the worst that could happen, right? ... of course, excluding the fact that the clock is so ancient that it must be fragile.... Try to be gentle with it, will you?

Results of the Clock

12:00 Time for rares! Random Rare
12:30 Time to Nap! Random Beanbag
1:00 Time to Play! Random Flash Game Reset
1:30 Time to spend Crusade Points! Get 500 cP!
2:00 Time to watch cartoons! Random TeeniWeeni
2:30 Ichumon Loves You! +5 hearts!
3:00 Time for some luck! Random Scratchcard
3:30 Time for luck! Sly slick Slots Reset
4:00 Time to battle! Random Weapon
4:30 Time to read! Random Book
5:00 Time to dig Dig for Glory Reset.
5:30 Time for IchuPoints! Random IP
6:00 Time for a Dip Reset Fargoes Pool
6:30 Time to help out your friends! Council Quests Reset
7:00 Time to train! Pet gets Random Stat Boost
7:30 Time for Stamp Collections! Random Stamp
8:00 Time to play! Random Toy
8:30 Time for a Puzzle! Random Puzzle Piece
9:00 Time to Heal! Get a Healing Potion
9:30 Time to sleep! Tree Stump Hotel reset
10:00 Time to guess! Higher or Lower plays reset
10:30 Time for a card game! Random Ichucard
11:00 Time for little friends! Random Ichie
11:30 Time to eat! Random Food Item


No hands on the clock: Receive the avatar
Out of Order