Pantheon Jungle

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Residing in the eastern hemisphere is one of Ichua's two mysterious jungles; Pantheon. Not much is known about this foggy jungle; it is inhabited by thousands, perhaps millions of creatures; some not even identified yet. It is known as a hotspot for archaeologists and botanists alike because of the supposed prehistoric plant life that thrived there. Prior to the recent tourist authorization, those were the only humans permitted to enter the ancient library of trees. It wasn't exactly rocket science for a tourist to get lost in the maze of land nearly untouched by man that is the Pantheon. In fact, it wasn't hard at all to come face to face with a pair of yellow eyes at nighttime. All in all, you'd consider yourself lucky to stumble upon one of the remote villages that were scarcely seen amongst the foliage.

There's an old, slanted shack in the east, at least it is assumed to be in the east, there's no conctrete proof of Pantheon. It holds a secret that can be both dreadful and rewarding. Ichumon brave enough to roll the dice will either leave in misery or reap the rewards. iP, exp, stats, an avatar, or even a Pantheon Quest can be bestowed upon the Ichumon, if they're lucky. If a bad side of the dice pops up, they will lose either iP, an item, stats, or receive a disease. Some feel it is worth the risk to try every hour, for the quest, if completed in 300 seconds, will guarantee an r90-99 item. The quest is tricky though, without a Mysterious Treasure Map, your search will surely end in futility. 

A fairly short trek from the shack will get you to the entrance of a hut carved into the base of a tree. What looks like runes and glyphs submerge the tree and the hut within. A Polisis with a cane and a glazed look in his eye sits in front of a hearth with a green glow. A table holding up a vessel full of bones sits before him. You think him to be very wise, from his beard to the old resting on his shoulders. He tells you he is Archeon, the Bone Fortune Reader. He offers to read the bones to reveal your fortune. You curiously accept, and walk out a minute later with an Ichumon, eyes drooped, with the terrible Heatzoa sickness. You see a lively fellow practically prance out of the hut after you, holding what looked like 15k iP. Another fellow walks out holding an ichie, watching it anxiously as it seems to grow. Yet another comes out, this time with a rare item. Another trudges out of the tree, holding nothing but a bleak look on his face, though his Ichumon seems to be in good health. Muttering at Archie under your breath, you head back into the forest.

You almost fall into what looks like a bog full of slime without warning. Your Ichumon pulls you back, possibly saving your life. A cackle rings through the air, belonging to a creature drenched in goo and moss. With two beady red eyes fixed on you, he offers you a swamp-resistant boat, and a chance to look in a single area of the Foul Swamp once per hour. The trick is, there are 1000 spots to choose from. You choose 394, stick your hand in, and pull out nothing more than a batch of mud. Muttering again, you hastily leave the premises.

Walking along the forest floor, your Ichumon cries out in pain. You look to see it cut its foot on a shard lying amongst the leaves. Carefully picking it up, you realize it is a Magical Mirror Shard. Making your Ichumon look into it, the Ichumon is enveloped by bright light, and leaves behind a red dragon wielding a pair of staves and a bunch paint markings. A Pantheon Dragora! You decide to collect and buy the other Pantheon shards before moving on.

=Ichumon Pantheon Dragora

Before leaving, you decide to check out the 'gift shop', Twisting Treasures. You pick up a Water Necklace and a Tainted Bowl to show off to your friends back home, then leave the maze of a jungle. As you leave, you feel a small, mysterious pull to come back to the Pantheon; to explore its depths once again.