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There are several games you can only play once a day, once an hour, once every 6 hours and so on. Here is a small list and walkthrough of the games. For some games there are larger guides. These games are all browser based games.


Capture The Flag

This game can be played once an hour. At the hour reset a new game starts and a post is made in the shoutbox with a link. Click that link and sign up to the game. All you have to do is click a flag and hope the right flag is hiding behind it. If not you have to wait 30 seconds before you can select the next flag. Premium members only have to wait 27 seconds.
Prizes are a random r80-99 item + 10000 iP + 5000 iP for each player.



This game too can be played once an hour. At the hour reset a post will be made in the shoutbox with a link to the game. The game costs 5k to play. You have to click next card untill you have an exact match up. To refresh the page you click the link gamearea over and over again. When a match comes up you have to be really fast to click the red SNAP button.
The winner gets the prize pot which starts at a standard 5k + 4k for each player in the game.


Nobody Knows

Nobody will ask you to describe one item to him. You can choose out of several options for shape, type, smell, rarity, colour, surface and other. He will then tell you what item it is if your description is clear enough.
This game can be played once every 6 hours.



The scratchcard game can be played once an hour. There are 4 different types of scratchcards: Calista's Treasures, Ichie Madness, iP Millions and Battlezone. These cards cost 1000 iP when bought at the scratchcard game.


Lucky Bag

Once an hour you can try your luck with the Lucky Bag. It holds several tokens. Some are good and some aren't. When you pull the bomb token out of the bag an item in your inventory will be destroyed and your pet will get the disease Bacon Flu. When it's the first time you pull out the Crystal Token you will receive a random Shard and an avatar.



Again you can play this game once every hour. It costs 20k to begin the game. If you want to gamble your pot for an increase of 1k click Gamble. If you want to take your money home click Take Pot. The bigger your pot the lower the chance for it to grow.
Note: You will only gain profit out of this game when you claim the pot after hitting 20k.


Lightning Houses

Randomly throughout the hour the houses are hit by lightning. They will need fixing then. You fix these houses with certain wooden items. To get the items needed you will have to do Furniture Quests.


Dice of Doom

You can roll the Dice of Doom once every hour. They can give 1% of needed exp to next level, destroy an item, give your pet a disease, take iP, give 1 to 3 HP, give 1 strength, give iP, give an item or give an avatar. The exp is really nice for the high leveled pets.