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This is my FAQ. I have most likely answered these questions over a thousand times and am still doing so. The questions I answered here are the ones I see most frequently. I know that a ton of questions are still unanswered. Feel free to contact me on Ichumon with your questions. I will keep adding questions to this page from time to time. ~ Fampie

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Question: How do I get a background color on the shoutbox?
Answer: You have to use a magical balloon from the Cash Shop to get a color. Some are for specific colors, like the Magical Green Water Balloon, and some give you a random color like the Magical Rainbow Water Balloon and the Random Monthly SB Colour. These cost real money unless you buy them from other users.

Question: How do I get a nice icon like everyone else has?
Answer: Most icons are sold in the Cash Shop. These cost real money unless you buy them from other users. There are icons given out through special Site Events like Festival of ARHHHH and Olemas. Also some icons can be gotten through the Vending Machine. One ticket costs 20 iC.

Question: What's iC / iP / cP? And How do I get them?
Answer: These are the 3 currencies used in Ichua. iC is IchuCash which is used in the cash shop. You can buy this with either real money or with iP from other users. iP is the main currency on Ichumon, IchuPee or IchuPoints. This is used to buy from the main and user shops, to trade with and as rewards for the games. cP is crusade arena points. They are randomly awarded after defeating a monster in the Crusade Arena. You can spend the points in the CA Shop.

Question: How do I change the color and/or species of my pet?
Answer: To change the color and keep the species you have to use a Crystal. To change both the color and the species you have to use a Mirror Shard. To keep a color and only change the species you have to use Magical Berries. Both the shards and the crystals are sold in the Magic Stall. The berries are random prizes from the Luwhut Tree. Of course they can all be found in trades and bought there for some iP.

Question: What is the incantation to free Ellune?
Answer: The incantation is releaseellunefromhercurse. You can find this by viewing the page's source code on the page where you enter the code in. Make sure there are no spaces or capitals when you enter it in.

Question: How does my pet get married?
Answer: You will have to propose to another pet or be proposed to by another one. You can do so by buying the Seal of Approval in the cash shop and using it. Make sure you type in the pet name correctly. If the other user proposes to you you will receive an imail and only have to accept.

Question: What are Tag Potions and what do they do?
Answer: You need a Tag Potion to create a Tag. It's displayed above everything else on your tooltip and it's next to your username on the online list. If you want to change your tag line you will need a potion. They disappear after using. Every Tag Potion has it's own design.

Question: How do I play with my pet?
Answer: You have to buy toys in the toy pen. The plushies do not work so don't buy those. Click the toy in your inventory and choose play with pet. Then choose the pet you want to play with. The item will disappear once you have used it. The Tree Stump Hotel will sometimes make your pets happy again. So you don't have to buy toys all the time.

Question: How do I make my pet smarter?
Answer: The easiest way is by reading books to your pets. You can buy most books in the Library Store or get them through Special Events on the site or through the Vending Machine. Go to the Library in the Lightest Tower while having the books in your inventory. In the library you can select the book you want your pet to read.

Question: What can happen in the Morphic Pool?
Answer: You need 30 ticket points to dive into the pool. Your pet could change color, species, gender, both species and color, find iP, gain or lose a stat point. You can also find an avatar.

Question: How do I get Ticket Points?
Answer: You need to do Tye's Ticket Quests to get Tickets. Each ticket has a certain amount of ticket points attached to it. When you go to the Exchange you can get those points. You cannot change back to tickets! The points can be spend at the Morphic Pool, Tye's Ticket Boxes, Coreks Garden and The Demonic Tectowl.

Question: How do I get a Pantheon Quest?
Answer: You get a Pantheon quest at the dice of doom. With a high treasure rank you get easier Pantheon Quests. The treasure ranks can be increased with items from the Twisting Treasures shop. The reward is a random r90-99 item. You need a Mysterious Treasure Map to complete the quest in Pantheon.

Question: How do I get a Vinali?
Answer: Vinali's are Limited Edition pets. You get them in a whole different way than the usual pet. First you'll need a Vini Egg (an ichie) and level it up to level 6 through ichie plays and Archeon's Bone reading. Then unattach the ichie and go to Dr. Dim to create your very own Vinali. The color is the same as the ichie, the gender is random. You may also get a Vinali through a lucky dive in the pool. This will not get you the Vinali Avatar.

Question: What are Holy Gems and what do they do?
Answer: Holy Gems are a special type of Sphere for upgrading your weapon. They have the ability to add a lot of icons to your weapon. But when the gem fails it will destroy your weapon. Use a dream Crystal at the same time as the gem to stop that from happening.

Question: How do I train my pet outside of the RPG?
Answer: Both amulets and r90-99 items can be used to train your pets stat points. Amulets are dropped in the RPG. Each type gives a different type of stat. Rarity 90-99 items will randomly choose a stat to train. They give more stat points when you finish the training compared to the amulets. Training with high rarity items takes a lot longer than with amulets.