Ichumon's 6th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 6th Anniversary

Year Six    Y6 Puzzle Collector

Corek's Stone Demon

vs Ichumon Heros

You may attack once per hour. Increase your attacking power by combining a Power Gem with either a Darkest Stone Relic or Lightest Stone Relic to increase your skills for that attack only. Due to the darkness and evil surrounding the graveyard the powers of the Lightest Stone Relic are diminished. If you're lucky Stone Demon will drop a Y6 Anniversary Puzzle Piece after a successful attack!

Darkest Stone Relic or Lightest Stone Relic

Power Gems: Amber, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond



Darkest Minion & Darkest Spawn

Power ups explained