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Original plot solution to Corek's Strikes Back.
Ended in 2009


This is the complete solution on how to complete the plot. Enjoy :P

(3rd February 2009)

A mysterious note was found in Ichua, claimed to be from Corek. If you viewed the News Comments source code, you would find the current message:

"Muahahahaha - Solving this puzzle will be EXACTLY what I need"


(7th February 2009)

A massive earthquake hits Ichua. Some users browsers shook for 5 or so minutes during the first few minutes. Hidden in the source code of the world map page was this clue:


Pointing your browser to took you to this page:

At the top of the page was random gobbledegook. HEKXNATUAK, NUI LEIKTONUMA, NUI DOUGANATIKA. These translate later on.

(9th February 2009)
A news post was posted stating that the earthquake had left some serious damage. You could now visit the earthq.php from the worldmap. If you viewed the source code of earthq.php it would randomly add these four lines to the source:

" 1)The action
2)needs to be set
3)to equal

Pointing your browser to the following URL got you to this page:

Dr Dim is investigating the Earthquake. The clue to the next part of the plot was in the words he was saying:
"I can't see how he has managed to do something so... powerful. I'm sure nobody knows what is going on ... " ~ Dr Dim

(10th February 2009)
A news post was posted stating that Dr Dim had come to investigate. You could now get to Dr Dim by clicking on the image in earthq.php. If you visited Nobody Knows, an option would appear:
"What about the Earthquake?" ~ Nobody

Clicking it would take you to:

"The Earthquake you say? Well, I don't know who caused it or how it was caused. All I know is that in that area, there used to be a bunch of mines, filled with gold and treasures! That was a rumour though ... I don't even think it exists. Though, please be careful when your near that earthquake... those Treasured Mines wern't just full of treasures... it was also once home to a sacred guardian. An evil, sacred guardian ..." ~ Nobody

If you go back and visit Dr Dim at the earthquake, he will present you some new information:

"Oh, so you spoke to Nobdy? The Treasured Mines? Arhh yes ... The Treasured Mines is a mass maze of underground tunnels, believed to hold some of the most valuable items in Ichua. No one has ever found it though. If Nobody thinks that the Treasured Mines could be around here, perhaps you should come back with something to dig?" ~ Dr Dim

Next you would need to get a hold of the item Stone Pick

Taking it back to Dr Dim would give you the option to dig.

"Oh jolly good! Yes, that Stone Pick looks like it will do the job." ~ Dr Dim

If you clicked the button, you had a random chance of being teleported to the Treasured Mines:

You didn't actually need to have a Stone Pick to get there, you could have just followed the URL from someone who posted it.

At the Treasured Mines, you had the option to dig in several mines. First though, you would need a Miners Pick and a Miners Bag. The Miners bag could be gotten by refreshing on To get a Pick, you had to visit the Polisis and purchase one. Each Pick was a different quality and some would last longer than others.

The Lantern would increase your chances of getting items from mining.

Now you could visit the mines and mine for items. Your picks quality would go down each time you digged for an item.

You could get this item from mining. Taking it back to the place where you first found the earthquake, earthq.php, would translate the text into english.

1) Go Left
2) Go Right
3) Go Left
4) Go Right
5) Go Right
6) Go Right
7) Go Left
8) Go Right
9) Go Left
10) Go Right
11) Go Right
12) Go Left
13) Go Left
14) Go Right

If you followed the steps correctly, it would lead you to the Door Of The Treasured Mines:

If you viewed the url of the image of the door, it was: bring_the_mummy_curse_back_to_here.jpg.

You then had to mine for the item Mummy Curse and bring it back to the door. Once you did that, it would update to:

A message would be displayed at the door:

"It also looks as if some kinds of ... rock ... can be slotted into the door."

You then had to mine for the 6 elemental rocks. Each of the rocks could be gotten from mining in the different mines.

Taking them to the door would update it to:

You would then get the Elemental Rocks back. The following message would be displayed:
"The rocks have filled the gaps ... but their magic isn't strong enough ... they need enchanting.<"

You would then take them back to the Polisis of the Treasured Mines and a new link would appear:
"Enchant Rocks"

Going to that link would give you the option to Enchant your Elemental Rocks. In order to do this, you would need the item:

Ohs Amulet could be gotten from digging in the Treasured Mines. Once you had this item, you could enchant your Elemental Rocks.

You then had to take them back to the Treasured Mines door and it would update to:

The following message would appear:

"Oh no! How did you manage to complete the door? Well- you almost have. Bwahahaha, there is still more to do. But you will never figure it out, no matter how many clues are given out. My plan is almost complete...and there is just a little way to go. You = stupid Ichuan citizen! Soon all will be revealed and you will know what I had planned for you. Bwahahahaha..."~ Corek

An encrypted image would appear, using letters that were on the door:

You were also given the option to speak aloud to the door. There were two possible ways of unencrypting the message.

If you took all the bold letters from Coreks Message, you got the following string: ?action=stupidcorek. If you added that to your url, you got: Visiting that url would bring you the page:

Using the Key, you could unencrypt the message to: bring forward the beast

If you said this message aloud, it would complete the plot for you. The other option was to manually translate the code yourself. If you looked at the Treasured Mines door, there were the same encrypted letters written on it, under neath the elemental rocks. If you matched these letters to the names of the elemental rocks, you could create your own key to unencrypt the message.

"Congratulations! You have solved the plot puzzle Corek Strikes Back!

Oh no! It seems you have been tricked! By completing the door, you seem to have unlocked some kind of curse! Better get out of here quick before trouble comes!!!"

The war would start shortly after this.