Diseases and Cures

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When your pet is diseased you probably want to cure it. You might wonder how you got the disease too. All will be explained in this guide.

Clerics are able to create the cures you need for your pet. If you want to be a cleric yourself go to the Lightest Tower, Job Center and choose Cleric as your job type.

For more information on the Job Centre click here.


Disease Cause Cure: Ingredients
Applemonia You get this disease when you receive 1 green apple in the game Under the Rock. The disease is also random when feeding a green apple to a pet. Appills: To make this Cure you need 1 Green Apple, 1 Apple Ichu Slurpy


Your pet gets this disease when an item in your inventory is destroyed by the Bomb Token of the Lucky Bag. Bacon Bandaid: To make this cure you need 2 Bacon Bandaids and 4 Bacon And Egg Kebabs

Currently Unknown Burn Baby Burn Pill: To make this cure you need 5 Fire Potions and 1 Firenix Egg

Your pet gets this disease through the Dice of Doom Confusticated Syringe: To make this cure you need 3 Silly the Seals and 1 Blue Crystal

Currently unknown Happy Pills: Currently unknown

If you negative heart someone you are punished with this disease. Heart Broken Curing Cream: To make this Cure you need 2 Heart Berries, 2 Heart IchuCards and 4 Cherry Cream Fizzers


This is a disease your pet can get when visiting Archeon. Only when it doesn't have a disease already. Ice Pack: To make this Cure you need 1 Ice Cubes and 3 Blueberry Ichu Slurpies

Flesh Wound

You get this disease randomly when shredding items. Regular Bandaid: To make this Cure you need 5 Patch Plushies

Cheesy Rotten Feet
Currently unknown Stinky Feet Begone: To make this cure you need 3 Colby Cheese Bricks and 2 Sock Puppet Ducks