Ichumon's 9th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 9th Anniversary

Y9 Puzzle Collector  Year Nine

Retro Ichua

Corek, the scheming mastermind of the Darkest Tower has been experimenting with the Time Warp Crystal. He was able to generate a time warp portal from the powers held within. Corek plans to go back in time to change his past defeats. We must stop him by closing his time warp portal before he enters!

Corek has not been able to enter, but Ichumon have managed to escape through the time warp dating back to the very beginnings of Ichumon! Corek has recruited the Retro Demon Ichumon that have escaped. You must defeat them in the Crusade Arena!

You must complete a recipe found on Corek's Scroll and illuminuated by Corek's Candle to aid in the effort to close the time warp portal.


Complete Quests for a chance to receive Corek's Scrolls.
For every 5 items you restock from the Mushroom Shops you will receive a Corek's Candle.

Bring the Scroll and Candle to Corek's Tower to illuminate the scroll and learn the recipe. You will be asked to return 3 Salt Crystals. After completing a recipe you will be awarded with iP or a special item!

White, Red, Pink, Grey, Black Salt Crystals can be located in the Treasured Mines or by fighting Retro Demons in the Crusade Arena.


Retro Demon Ichu

Retro Demon Dragora

Retro Demon Tectowl

Retro Demon Luna

Very special Retro Ichumon have also escaped through the time warp portal and were not captured by Corek. You can choose any of the 8 Retro Ichumon after purchasing the Magical Retro Mirror Shard from the Cash Shop. For the purchaser of the Magical Retro Mirror Shard you will be rewarded with a free additional pet slot! The shard will continue to work after the Y9 celebrations end.


Ichumon Retro Dragora
Retro Dragora
Ichumon Retro Galatania
Retro Galatania
Ichumon Retro Ichu
Retro Ichu
Ichumon Retro Lepardos
Retro Lepardos
Ichumon Retro Luna
Retro Luna
Ichumon Retro Picuno
Retro Picuno
Ichumon Retro Polisis
Retro Polisis
Ichumon Retro Tectowl
Retro Tectowl