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Stinger Shot BronzeStinger Shot SilverStinger Shot GoldStinger Shot is a Flash Game found in the Game Room.

You play as a Gryphix. The arrow keys or the keys W,A,S, and D on your keyboard will allow you to move the Gryphix while your mouse will let you aim your apples. The object of the game is to destroy as many Stingers as possible without letting the Stingers touch you. You will be shooting Green Apples automatically at an alarmingly fast pace. Each Stinger needs to get hit by 5 apples before it explodes. However, with the demise of one Stinger comes the addition of two.

Stinger Shot Game PlayThe game will get crowded, fast. A good strategy is to keep your back in a corner. The game area is infinite; which means you move the Gryphix out of the game area on one side (for example, the right side), and it will reappear on the other side (in this case, the left). The same goes for up and down. Be careful when moving down though, because Stingers respawn at the top of the game area. And although the game area is infinite for the Gryphix, it is not so for the Stingers. Should they hit a wall, they will simply bounce back into the game area.


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