Guides :: Questing


Currently on Ichumon the following quests are considered daily quests:

Corek Quests
Council Quests
Dim Quests
Fishing Quests
Furniture Quests
Job Quests
Tyes Ticket Quests


Bonus Quests

While doing these quests you might receive a bonus quest which can be used on any of the above quests. But there is a restriction to the bonus quest in that if you have used up all your quests for the day then you can't do a bonus quest. A bonus quest will double the iP/council points you receive from doing the quest. You may also let your bonus quests accumulate because they do not reset with the day change like the daily quests above. In order to access a bonus quest you need to be on the main quest page like Council Quests or Corek Quests. then select the bonus quest link but you can't have another quest in this quest area open.


Special Quests

The following are special quests that you may do:

Dragoras Nest Quest
Ellune Quest
Junk Sale
Master Quests
Princess Jelly Quest
Wayob Quest

You will find the quests described under Quests in this Ichupedia.