Ichumon's 12th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 12th Anniversary


Fargo, Guardian Deity of Ichumon

Trickster ichugod Eycee is up to more tricks again this year. She's now going on a world tour, leaving Ichucards all over the Ichuglobe. Fargo, Guardian Deity of Ichumon, is enlisting the help of all Ichuans to clean up the Ichucard clutter left by Eycee. Those who help will be rewarded! She moves every 30 minutes somewhere inside the area's of the World Map.
Hint: If you play with someone's Ichie you haven't played with before I'll tell you where she's been spotted! Check the Users Online page for new friends!
Frozen Pilair IchuCardPantheon IchuCardMyztec IchuCardMushroom Shop IchuCardLightest Tower IchuCardFargos Forest IchuCardDarkest Tower IchuCard
If you return one of each of the 7 world IchuCards Fargo will reward you with two Y12 items!
All item prizes are of the same rarity. Except Y12 Icon, you will receive one with the 2nd and 5th sets you turn in.

The item prizes are:
♥ Puzzle pieces
♥ Y12 Cake
♥ Fargo Plushie
♥ Fargos Feathers
The Top 3 Ichuans who have returned the most decks of World IchuCards will be bestowed a Relic Spear weapon hand crafted by Fargo himself.

Congratulations to Safety, Anne and whiteice for winning the Relic Spear!

Relic Spear
Infinite Use
Night Enhancement

Black Heart IconHeal -50 HP
Hand crafted by Fargo over centuries. Holding this spear in battle gives tremendous power to your Ichumon, but it comes with a price...
Retro Demon Ichu, Dragora, Tectowl, and Luna have returned to the Crusade Arena! If you're lucky they will award you with a World IchuCard.

Retro Demon Ichu

  • appears in CA maps Snow Dock+

Retro Demon Dragora

  • appears in CA maps Snow Dock+

Retro Demon Tectowl

  • appears in CA maps Stone Tooth Valley+

Retro Demon Luna

  • appears in CA maps Crystal Cave+

The Magical Retro Mirror Shard Has returned! You can choose any of the 8 Retro Ichumon after purchasing the Magical Retro Mirror Shard from the Cash Shop. For the purchaser of the Magical Retro Mirror Shard you will be rewarded with a free additional pet slot!