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Currently there are 4 types of locked chests on Ichumon. These chests can be opened with keys that are made by Craftsmen. Each chest type has it's respective key needed to open it. The ingredients for these keys can be found under guides then jobs then Craftsman in this Ichupedia. Items in the chests may be 1 or 2 Ultra rares or mega Rares but sometimes the items are only Uncommon or common items and a Sphere/Amulet. Premium chests  give an Ultra/Mega rare item, Premium Icon and a Sphere/Amulet.

Chest Types

Type Where Obtained Key needed
Locked Bronze Chest Elite Quest 70, Archeon Bronze Key
Locked Silver Chest Elite Quest 70, Archeon Silver Key
Locked Gold Chest Elite Quest 70, Archeon Gold Key
Locked Premium Chest random when activating monthly Premium, 1 when activating Yearly Premium Premium Key