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Ichu Memory BronzeIchu Memory SilverIchu Memory GoldIchu Memory is a matching-game.. You are given a set of cards that are facing down. Click the card to flip it and try to find its match. Keep in mind that the matching cards will NOT be identical, but instead will be similar. Find all the matches to move on to the next level. Higher levels introduce more cards, making it more difficult to find its match.

Ichu Memory

You must be careful with your clicking, and avoid making mistakes. Mistakes count against you. You are only allowed a certain number of mistakes before it is game over. So make sure every click is a match :D

You will also be able to earn Bonus Points. Bonus Points act like a timer. The faster you finish a level, the more points you will earn. The number of Bonus Points will dwindle away as time progresses, but if it reaches zero, it doesn't affect your game life. It just means you won't receive any Bonus Points for the round.


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