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Here is a list with some of the most useful pages on Ichumon. Most of these are blog entries. Guides made by several dedicated Ichumon users.


Newbie Guide
Smilies List
The Rules
User Support


Sphere your weapons - before level 70 EQ
Newbie Guide to the CA
Healing in Battles
Pet Stats and Skill Points
Guardians Of Ichua
Large Pet Stats Guide
RPG Flowchart
Misc. RPG info
RPG Max Damage


Guide to Selling Items
Shops Guide
Rarities Guide
Non Rare Shards

Site Events

Beginning of Ichu

Cupid's Cloud Help

Pocket's Eggs and Quests (2009)
April Fools 2009 - screencaps
April Fools 2009 - more screencaps
Olemas 2008
Olemas 2009
Ichumon Year One Pinata Items
Lucky Lyra
Pocket's Eggs (2010)

Quests, iP and more

Daily Links for games, quests, etc.
Money Making Guide
Keys and Chests
Ellune Quests
Master Quests
All Job Items
Job Centre Guide


Profile CSS Guide
All Evolving Ichies part 1
All Evolving Ichies part 2
All Evolving Ichies part 3
User Shoutbox Colors
Dr Dimmer's Lab

Old Guides

Persona V1 Guide
Persona V2 Guide
Old Lookups
Guide to a Custom Lookup