Tye Ticket Quests

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Everybody's favorite Lycan has an exciting and challenging quest for all Ichuans! Help Tye find specific items that can be found throughout Ichua. Once the item has been acquired, Tye will exchange the item for valuable Ichu Tickets. The tickets can be exchanged for points at Tye's Ticket Exchange, located at the Lightest Tower. These ticket points are extremely valuable, and can be used at Corek's Garden, Tye's Ticket Boxes, The Demonic Tectowl, and Fargo's Morphic Pool!


Quests Attempts Per Day: 15 for non-premium, 30 for premium


Possible Rewards: 1-500 Point Ichu Tickets


Related Weather: Blizzard (Increased Quest Rewards)



The various tickets that can be obtained from Tye



Additional Notes: Purchasing items of rarer value will (usually) result in a higher point ticket when completing the quest. Always check the Mushroom Village before purchasing an item from a usershop. Mushroom Village prices are typically cheaper, so you can earn more iP when completing the quest!

Tyes Ticket Quests