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Pantheon Quests can be located in heart of the Pantheon jungle. If you are wililng to give up an item of your own, you may just be lucky enough to gain yourself a very rare item. Is it worth the gamble? That's up to you...

Before you can do a Pantheon Quest, you first must obtain a Mysterious Treasure Map. You will need to have this item in your inventory along with the item you have been asked to obtain to complete (or cancel) the Pantheon Quest.

Once you obtain a map, head over to the Dice of Doom, also located in Pantheon. There are a lot of sides to the Dice of Doom, and one of these sides contain a special Pantheon Quest.

If you are lucky enough to get this quest, you will be given 300 seconds to find a specific r1-99 item. The higher your Treasure Rank  the lower the rarity of the item that you need to obtain to complete the quest. If you manage to return the item within the 300 seconds, you are awarded with an r90-99 item!


Treasure Ranks reset at the beginning of every month, so be sure to add treasure points consistently. Also, weather does NOT have an effect on Pantheon Quests. You can add treasure points to raise your Treasure Rank by purchasing items from Twisting Treasures and then selecting the option 'convert to treasure points' after clicking the item in your inventory. The more items converted to treasure points you have, the higher your Treasure Rank will be for the month.