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Interested in helping Dr. Dim fund his research? Then this quest is for you! Ichua's top researcher will ask for your assistance in finding lower rarity items. If you manage to locate the items and bring them back to Dr. Dim, he will reward you for your hard work. Dr. Dim will probably not pay you as much as his evil foe Corek, however, you will feel good knowing that you are helping one of the most respected citizens of Ichua!








 Quest Attemps Per Day: 15 for non-premium, 30 for premium


Possible Rewards: iP


Related Weather: Blizzard (Increased Quest Rewards)



Additional Notes:  Usually, purchasing items for 2,000 iP or less for Dr. Dim will result in a profit when completing the quest. Always check the Mushroom Village before purchasing an item from a usershop. Mushroom Village prices are typically cheaper, so you can earn more iP when completing the quest!