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Festival of Pilair!

Learn about the current Event: Festival of Pilair!

Ichumon Currency Get Spend
iP  IchuPoints Play Games Mushroom Shops
iC  IchuCash Buy IchuCash Cash Shop
cP  Crusade Arena Points Battle Crusade Arena Shop
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Quick Start Newbie Guide

Day 1 - Basics

Day 2 - Battle

  • Play Games, to get some more iP.
  • Buy some Weapons for your pet to prepare for battle, at the Battle Supplies Mushroom Shop.
  • Your Inventory will list all the items you have.
    • Click on the Weapon and select "Move to Armoury"
  • Go to your Armoury
    • Equip your pet with weapons
  • Go to the Crusade Arena RPG to explore the first stage.
    • Hint: The bottom center of the 1st map has a teleporter to the "B Plains" where you can begin battling.

Day 3 - Express Yourself

  • Your "Persona" is an avatar of yourself in Ichumon.
  • Buy some Clothes with iP in the Fashion Essentials Mushroom Shop.
  • Your Inventory will list all the items you have.
    • Click a piece of Clothing and select "Move to Closet"
  • Go to your Persona page
    • Select skin color, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and click "Save"
    • Click "Item Closet"
    • Click the Pictures of the Items you want to wear and wait a few seconds for it to update.
      • [X] - Take off your Persona
      • [R] - Remove from your Closet
    • Click "Save" when you're finished.

  • Forums are a great place to get information about Ichumon and talk to other users.
  • Start a Blog and read other people's blogs.

  • The "Shoutbox" is where you can chat with other Ichuans.

Hourly Events

Have Fun in Ichua!